About Jeff Vacek

About Our Founder Jeff Vacek:

Jeff Vacek is a serial entrepreneur, event/seminar service provider, information publisher, CEO at Info Interests, LLC.

He’s a former Information Technology professional who was laid off 4 times within a six-year period. After trying numerous things including real estate investing, a disc jockey business and several MLMs, he began studying how the TOP entrepreneurs of today create MASSIVE success.

This led him to Internet Information Marketing, Publishing and Seminar Leading/Service Provider where he was able to build a highly successful, sustainable and recession proof business in a VERY short amount of time. He’s since generated millions in revenue for himself, partners, clients and associates, with whom he freely shares his best strategies, seminar/event services and support for generating huge success within a short time.

Since 2009, (along with some of the biggest names in my industry) he’s taught and provided the best services for his proprietary and proven Internet Information Marketing, Publishing and Seminar Leading/Service Provider methods to dedicated entrepreneurs, companies and individuals all over the world. The reach has grown exponentially to include thousands of clients and customers in over 20 countries. Most important of all, he’s been able to live out his mission of changing people’s financial and personal lives through the power of live events, high quality products and services and philanthropy.